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Let the experts at Surface Medic, LLC safely clean your roofs surface and have your home looking its best without those unsightly black streaks!
Home maintenance starts at the top, your roof! High quality roofing materials are your homes first line of defense against all the elements that are constantly thrown at it. Don’t forget, it needs to be maintained to ensure your homes defense is in tip top shape!

Surface Medic Exterior Cleaning is licensed and fully insured for your protection and peace of mind!

Your investment deserves the best!

Gloeocapsa magma is an algae that grows on roofs and is more commonly known as the “black streaks” on a roofs surface. Not only are these black streaks unsightly, they can also prevent your roof from working properly. Routine cleaning is needed to remove these black streaks and keep your roof in tip top shape!
Don’t let someone blast away at your roof with high pressure! Our soft wash roof washing process will safely clean your roofs surface without the worry of damage. Our process is a low pressure process that will remove all the mildew, algae, dirt and grim (and don’t forget those unsightly black streaks!) from your roofs surface leaving it looking brand new keeping your home looking its best! Let the experts at Surface Medic, LLC safely take care of your biggest investment!

Don’t spend your entire weekend cleaning

Give us a call and let our trained professionals do it for you!