House Washing

Softwashing Technology

Surface Medic, LLC utilizes what is know as softwashing technology to clean your homes exterior. Softwashing is simply a low pressure, high volume process using biodegradable cleaning agents and detergents.
This process is safer and easier on your homes exterior over the traditional high pressure techniques still used today by some companies. We take great pride in protecting your home by providing the most up to date techniques to achieve results you will be proud of.

Surface Medic Exterior Cleaning is licensed and fully insured for your protection and peace of mind!

Take Care of Your Biggest Investment!

Your home is usually the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Nothing brings you more pride and is more American than owning your own home. So why not keep it clean and looking its best? We wash our cars, we wash our laundry, but oftentimes we neglect the one thing that provides us such joy and comfort. Our homes are no different than anything else, they require routine cleaning to keep them looking their best and to help keep repair costs down.
Don’t allow the build up of algae, dirt, pollen and other contaminants to be the focal point of your home. If its been a while since you have had your home cleaned (or if you’ve never had it cleaned), give us a call today and let us show you how our experienced technicians can help!

Don’t spend your entire weekend cleaning

Give us a call and let our trained professionals do it for you!