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Trustmark Park

Trustmark Park

Located in the city of Pearl just off Interstate 20, the park sits on land that was all woods not too long ago. Currently, an outlet mall, Sam’s Club, and Bass Pro Shop surround the stadium.

The Mississippi Braves, a Southern League double-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, call Trustmark Park home. This baseball venue opened in 2005 and seats 8,480 fans. Click for more.


Located in Pearl, Mississippi, Trustmark Park is home to the Mississippi Braves and can seat up to 8,480 fans. This state-of-the-art ballpark was opened in 2005 and features a 360-degree concourse, the Farm Bureau Grill restaurant, and 22 luxury suites.

The stadium also has a large videoboard that is the largest in the Southern League. Additionally, the stadium offers a number of activities and attractions that are sure to please fans of all ages. These include the dizzy bat race, where fans spin themselves to try to beat each other in a race to the finish line.

The ballpark is conveniently located near many restaurants and shops. Across the street is The Outlets of Mississippi, where visitors can find a variety of stores including Nike, Under Armour, Forever 21, and Coach. In addition to the shopping center, there are several chains and fast-food restaurants in the area. The stadium also has a food court. There are no re-entry policies in place for the game. Guests are also not allowed to bring any items that interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the game.


The Braves have a great selection of food at their concession stands. You can get hot dogs, pizza, beer, burgers and nachos. They also have a variety of food items that are unique to the area such as catfish baskets (a hefty portion of fish, fries, and cole slaw) and hush puppies (small deep-fried balls made from a cornmeal batter).

The food options are plenty, and you can find them throughout the ballpark. There is also the AllTEL Corporate Picnic Pavilion on the left field foul pole, and a full-service restaurant called the Cellular South Cafe beyond the right field fence.

While the stadium is not as unique as some of the newer ones, it has a good feel to it and the fans are very spirited. The fans have a strong love for their team, which is evident in the multitude of Braves t-shirts. The mascots are also fun and do a good job of entertaining the crowd. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.


The new ballpark is a nice place to watch a game, and the fans are spirited. Many wear Braves shirts, from current stars like Ronald Acuna to past legends like Tom Glavine. The stadium is a big draw for families with kids, and the city puts on a great fireworks show after games.

The main entrance, behind home plate, has a large plaza that serves as a welcoming mat into the stadium. It includes the main ticket window, the Braves front office, and the Extra Innings Team Store, a full-service store selling everything from apparel to team baseball card sets.

Some small concession stands provide patrons with an eclectic taste of traditional ballpark food. For example, there is a stand that sells a catfish basket with a hefty portion of fries, cole slaw, and hush puppies (small deep-fried balls made from a cornmeal batter). Another popular item is the ribs sandwich from the Farm Bureau Grill, which is located beyond the right-field wall.


The Mississippi Braves, the Class AA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, call Trustmark Park home. The ballpark, which opened on April 18, 2005, can seat up to 8480 fans. The stadium takes its name from the naming rights sold to Trustmark Corporation, which operates banks in Mississippi and other states. The ballpark features a 360-degree concourse, a full-service restaurant called the Farm Bureau Grill, and 22 luxury suites.

The concession stands offer a variety of food and beverages, including traditional ballpark fare, as well as Mississippi favorites. The team also offers a kid’s birthday party package, which includes pizza, Coca-Cola, and a Double Doozie cookie for the party child, along with an M-Braves cap and a Fun Zone wristband.

The value-added services and amenities at Trustmark Park make it one of the best minor league baseball stadiums in the country. The exterior design may not be as exciting as new parks in places like Corpus Christi or Greensboro, but it is a beautiful and unique facility nonetheless. Up next is Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.



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