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The Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo Jackson MS was constructed with funds from the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. It was one of many City parks built with the help of the WPA.

WLBT visited the zoo Thursday morning and found numerous empty exhibits and little activity. Some city leaders have suggested closing the zoo in light of budget cuts, but others disagree. Read on to learn more.


The Jackson Zoo exhibits animals from around the world and region. It features areas dedicated to specific habitats such as the African Rainforest and African Savannah, Asian Garden, and Wilderness Mississippi. In addition, it has a variety of dining and picnic areas. The zoo also offers behind-the-scenes tours for visitors who want to learn more about the zoo’s operations.

The zoo supports wildlife conservation through research and education. It also has a wildlife rehabilitation center that cares for injured animals and aims to return them back to their natural environment. It is also known for hosting a variety of special events, from Boo at the Zoo during Halloween to Zoo Brews for adults.

Almost all the animals at the zoo were born and bred there. Professional ethics forbid the trapping of wild animals simply for exploitation in a zoo setting. This is why zoos are often considered more ethical than other forms of entertainment for animals.


The Jackson Zoo is home to a wide variety of mammals, birds, and reptiles. It also has a unique greenhouse called “The Swamp,” which recreates Mississippi’s typical wetland habitat with plants and animals that are native to the state.

The zoo is popular with families and animal lovers. It has several areas dedicated to different parts of the world, including the African Rainforest, African Savannah, Asian Garden, and Wilderness Mississippi. Each section has a large variety of animals that are representative of the region.

Some people have argued that the zoo would benefit from a move to LeFleur’s Bluff, but others have pointed out that it is better to invest in the current location and keep it open. Whether it is moved or not, the zoo needs to continue to modernize its facilities and make improvements to attract more visitors. There is no doubt that Mississippians are willing to support the zoo if it continues to grow and improve. A must-see place!

Children’s Farm

The Children’s Farm is a place where kids can interact with domesticated animals and develop a greater appreciation for the animal kingdom. The zoo also has an animal rehabilitation center, which takes care of injured animals and helps them return to their natural habitats.

The zoo also hosts special events, such as Zoo Blues, Boo at the Zoo for Halloween, and Zoo Brews for adults. These events help raise money and awareness for the zoo’s needs.

The Jackson Zoo features exhibits based on different regions of the world. These include the African Savannah, Asian Garden, and Wilderness Mississippi areas. The zoo also houses a number of endangered species, including pygmy hippos and Asiatic bears. The zoo works with research institutions to support the conservation of these animals and encourages public participation in wildlife preservation efforts. It also participates in breeding programs for rare species and offers educational programs for all ages. The zoo also has a botanical garden and an art gallery.

Conservation efforts

The Jackson Zoo works with the public and private sectors to foster wildlife conservation. Its conservation efforts are recognized nationally, and the Zoo is involved in a number of species survival plans. It also submits information and samples to numerous ongoing international studies.

The zoo is dedicated to animal care and has been providing the public with educational opportunities since its founding in 1919. Its 54 acres feature African, Asian, and other habitats. The zoo is home to over 120 different animals and provides the opportunity for visitors to see and learn about wildlife from around the world and our region.

The Jackson Zoo is currently undergoing renovations and is working to update its exhibits to modern standards. It is attempting to secure its accreditation and to re-enter the Species Survival Programs. The zoo’s aging buildings, including the Elephant House Cafe and Monkey Castle with its Ramada, are being restored. The zoo is owned by the City of Jackson, and Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba has grilled the international firm that wants to take over management. Click here for the next blog post.



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