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Reservoir Overlook

Reservoir Overlook

The Reservoir Overlook is a great place to stretch your legs along the Natchez Trace. The Overlook provides visitors with views of the Ross Barnett Reservoir which is a 50 square mile body of water.

The Reservoir attracts road-trippers, hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is also home to the pristine chisha foka multi-use trail, which makes it a popular biking and walking destination. Learn more by clicking here.


Reservoir Overlook is nestled along the shores of Ross Barnett Reservoir, Mississippi’s largest lake. This 33,000-acre reservoir is known for photogenic sunrises and sunsets and attracts thousands of boaters, fishers, water skiers, and campers each year. Mountain bike and multiuse trails are also popular in this scenic area.

The historic Natchez Trace borders the reservoir and attracts road-trippers and outdoor enthusiasts. Annual events like the Pepsi Pops and Independence Celebration bring in crowds of people looking to have fun.

The city of Ridgeland offers small-town charm with a supply of schools, parks, shops, and restaurants. The city also has a yacht club and marinas for area boaters to gather with their pontoon-boating friends. In addition, the town hosts several art classes and artisan craftsmanship at the Bill Waller Craft Center and the Mississippi Arts Center. The residential neighborhood of Expedition Point offers both waterfront and water view lots. Home sizes range from 2,000-square-foot cottage houses to 5,000-square-foot family homes. This unique place is a must-see!


Fishing is a favorite pastime on the 33,000-acre Ross Barnett Reservoir. Largemouth bass and spotted bass are abundant in the Rez, and crappie fishing is also a popular activity on the lake.

In the late winter and early spring, bass move shallow to spawn. Try casting a jig and plastic trailer, or a spinnerbait during this time. Later in the spring, look for bass staging to spawn along rip rap areas around Highway 43 and Pelahatchie Bay.

The Chisha Foka Trail is a 10-mile, paved path that runs through the historic Choctaw homelands. The trail offers a variety of ways to enjoy the views, wildflowers, and wildlife that surround this beautiful protected green space in Ridgeland. The trail can be accessed from many locations including Old Trace Park, Spillway Overlook Park, the Choctaw Agency, and milepost 105.6 at Reservoir Overlook on the Natchez Trace. For information, visit

Picnics on the Rez

The 33,000-square-acre Ross Barnett Reservoir is Mississippi’s largest water resource and also one of the state’s most popular recreational areas. With campgrounds peppered around the lake and countless parks, boat launches, and piers for fishing, swimming, and boating, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The newest addition to the area is Expedition Point, a new residential neighborhood overlooking the Reservoir and the Natchez Trace Parkway in Madison County. The development is the brainchild of developer Frank Perkins, a former oil and gas explorer.

Perkins’ vision is to create a community that is a model for the future of Madison County and the region.

For a truly scenic drive, stop by the Reservoir Overlook at milepost 105.6 on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Here you can walk or bike the Chisha Foka Multi-Use Trail, named for a Choctaw town that once stood nearby and is now home to water birds and alligators. Find out more!



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