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Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum (MAFM) is a 39-acre campus featuring a large permanent gallery of Mississippi agricultural history exhibits, the National Agricultural Aviation Museum, a living history farm, an entire crossroads town, and the Fitzgerald Collection of rural historical artifacts.

Step back in time as you walk through the restored Fortenberry Parkman farmstead, Bisland Cotton Gin, and Small Town Mississippi, circa 1860. You can return to our home page.

The Heritage Center

When Frank Stanley Fitzgerald and his wife started collecting memorabilia after a car accident, they had no idea it would grow into such a museum-quality collection. They spent their weekends searching antique shops and auctions as well as shacks and sheds in the countryside for items that spoke to them.

Today, the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum spans 39 acres with a gallery of agricultural history exhibits, three model railroad layouts, the National Agricultural Aviation Museum, and Small Town Mississippi — a full-sized replica of a 1920s crossroads town complete with a print shop, general store, doctor’s office, church, and school. A children’s barnyard and a wooded nature trail are also on site.

The Heritage Center also houses the Fortenberry-Parkman Farmstead, a homestead from Jefferson Davis County that illustrates how resourceful and inventive the average Mississippi farmer was. Add the country’s oldest working cotton gin and a forest study area, and you have the museum that conveys how important agriculture has always been to the state.

The Farmstead

The museum has a living history farm, the nation’s oldest working cotton gin, a railroad and aviation museum, a nature trail and gardens, and even a small town complete with a general store. This is a museum that understands the value of Mississippi’s past to inspire our future.

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan once said, “You must know the past to understand the present.” That’s a philosophy that guides the mission at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

The museum has four exhibit areas that showcase the technological and economic changes in agriculture over three eras. These include the Heritage Center, The Fitzgerald Collection, the Fortenberry-Parkman Farmstead, and the National Agricultural Aviation Museum. The facility also houses a Nature Trail, an Ethnic Heritage Center, and a Forestry Auditorium that can be rented for special events. Visit another area in town here.

The Train Exhibit

The huge model train exhibit is one of the Museum’s most enticing features. The multiple layouts of historic train lines wrap around miniatures of buildings and landmarks of the Mississippi Delta. This is a must-see for train lovers of all ages.

In 1969, Commissioner of Agriculture Jim Buck Ross saw the need to preserve our heritage in a tangible way and began collecting artifacts, organizing scholars, and laying the groundwork for a museum. He was able to secure a 39-acre plot of land on Lakeland Drive, which would serve as the Museum’s home.

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is a place where the past inspires the future. This 40-acre museum complex is home to a Heritage Center, the National Agricultural Aviation Museum, and more. The whole experience is something that should not be missed when visiting Jackson, Mississippi.

The Aviation Museum

The 39-acre complex encompasses four major exhibit areas that trace different eras of Mississippi’s history. Start at the Heritage Center and learn about transportation methods via water, rail, or road, then move on to the National Agricultural Aviation Museum, which examines how air travel revolutionized agriculture in Mississippi and around the world.

The Fortenberry-Parkman Farmstead illustrates the resourcefulness of Mississippi’s farmers, whose homes often had to be expanded as families grew. Visitors can also see how the railway helped bring commerce and development to Mississippi.

The home of civil rights activist Medgar Evers is another popular attraction. Other exhibits include a nature trail, children’s barnyard, a railroad museum, and Small Town Mississippi, a replica of a crossroads town complete with a general store and blacksmith shop.

Small Town Mississippi

The museum complex includes the 40,000-square-foot Heritage Center, an authentic farmstead, and Small Town Mississippi, which interprets the history of a crossroads town. This section of the museum features a print shop, blacksmith shop, old-fashioned filling station, cotton, grist and saw mills as well as a church, schoolhouse, and doctor’s office.

Visitors can also stroll around the general store, where artifacts such as shaving mugs, wind-up trains, and tinker toys are for sale. This helps to connect museum artifacts to real life, Rodgers says.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting date night or just a fun family outing, the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is the place to be. Its 5 different venues offer a variety of settings for your special occasion. The Museum also offers a number of educational programs and events including Night on the Town, which is perfect for couples planning a date or friends looking to have a good time! Refer to This Web Page.

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